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This is the main feature for serious bodybuilders. Get full access to ALL 39 STRENGTH GRAPHS!
Plan your workouts. Includes all associated calendars, reports and graphs. Printable.
Copy, move, paste and delete single or multiple days. Move around complex set data.
Graphically see how your actual training compares to your training plan. 10 graphs.
Get FULL nutrient breakdown in reports and graphing. Full nutrient report summaries.
Health graphs. Swim, bike and run cardio graphs, more nutrition graphs. 12 graphs total!

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    photo Logging Bodybuilding Set Data and Generating Reports
    How log your bodybuilding routine. Creating templates of exercises and veiwing reports and graphs.

    Items covered:

    • Where to log bodybuilding exercises
    • Creating/adding templates of workouts
    • Actual and planned logging
    • Veiwing your strength training reports
      • Calendar
      • Blog
      • Week and month
      • Graphs

    This article will show you how to log your strength exercises with's  training log.  The next article in this series will show you how to graph and interpret your data with our powerful, new strength analyzer.

    If you are new to logging, see our main category and the following introduction articles first to get familiar with the logs:

    Where to log bodybuilding?
    You log your strength training withing the main log editing screen below health.  It looks something like this:


    Just select the bodypart and exercise to log from the dropdowns, input the number of sets and then it will open up empty boxes for repetition and weight data for you to fill out.

    There are also some other exercise editing functions:

      The trashcan.  When the box is checked, all data for that exercise is deleted upon updating your log.
      Insert a new 'set' row after.  This will contain new set, rep and weight fields for that inserted set.
      Delete current row.

    Creating/adding a template of exercises
    Templates of routine, daily exercises are easy to create.  Once you have your exercises for a standard routine inputed, you can 'Save to template'.  Once saved, that template of exercises can be selected to load up any day with the 'Add to log' button.

    Actual and Planned Strength Logging
    Our strength logs gives you the ability to log your real training and also log your 'planned' strength training.  Useful to print out the details to take to the gym for planned strength logging.  Planned strength is a Performance Member feature.

    Different ways to view your strength training
    You can access all of the various strength reports and graphs by selecting the 'Strength' or 'Planned Strength' options from the hover boxes of the appropriate report-type:


    By calendar
    Will simply give you the bodypart exercise and the total time for that day or week total.


    By blog
    The blog view will give you the exact set details of that day.  If you log your planned strength, you can print out each weeks detailed data to take to the gym with the print button at the bottom of the blog screen.


    By week and month
    Strength training is located in the 'Actual' and 'Planned' part of the dropdowns for the week and month reports.  Like the calendar, only the bodypart is displayed in a column.


    By Graphs
    Selecting the 'Strength' graphs will allow you to graph up to 39 different graphs.  All users get to use the first 2 graphs.  Performance members are able to use the full list of strength graphs for their performance analyzation.

    The next article in this series will show you how to graph and interpret your data with the powerful, new strength analyzer. 


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    Published: 2006-09-01