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This is the main feature for serious bodybuilders. Get full access to ALL 39 STRENGTH GRAPHS!
Plan your workouts. Includes all associated calendars, reports and graphs. Printable.
Copy, move, paste and delete single or multiple days. Move around complex set data.
Graphically see how your actual training compares to your training plan. 10 graphs.
Get FULL nutrient breakdown in reports and graphing. Full nutrient report summaries.
Health graphs. Swim, bike and run cardio graphs, more nutrition graphs. 12 graphs total!

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    photo More Bodybuilding Graphs
    More graphs to analyze your training. Includes endurance sports, nutrition and health graphs.

    1. Update Java for using the graphs
      1. Updating JAVA
      2. Adjustable Time Periods
    2. Free graphs for all users
      1. 11 Strength Graphs
      2. 2 Body Metric Graph (Waistline & Hips)
      3. Total Volume (Time Spent)
      4. Total Distance
      5. Nutrition Calorie Breakdown
    3. More Graphs for Performance Members
      1. All 39 Strength Graphs 
      2. All 11 Body Metrics Graphs (forearms, upper arms, chest, shoulders, neck, height, calves, thighs plus a 'total body' stacker)
      3. 4 Health Graphs
      4. Pie Charts and Nutrient Analysis Graph
      5. Avg Time, Distance and Pace Graphs for Cardio
      6. 3 Simple Heart-Rate Graphs for Cardio
      7. 7 Actual vs Planned Graphs



    Although most new operating systems autmatically have JAVA configured, if you get the red 'x' where the graph should be here is what to do:


    If using windows explorer and XP operating system, make sure its updated then right click on icon and go to internet properties>advanced and then make sure you have the box under 'java sun' checked and under 'microsoft vm' have JIT compiler for virtual machine checked.
    If have another operating system, see if above properties are configurable in your browser settings, IF NOT and you still get an 'X' where the graphs should be then you will need to download some Java:


    This page has FAQS and Download instructions etc. Shortcut to Java Download page by Sun Microsystems -


    Accessing the Graphs


    Interactive Graphing

    Hovering over a block on any graph will give you a total for that individual piece.


    Adjustable Time Periods

    Each 'Time Period' (month, week or day) will represent one bar on the graph.

    The graph will only display 60 'time periods' or 'bars' of data.


    Choose your time period with the 'from' and 'to' fields.

    • With the time period of 'monthly' you can display up to 5 years of monthly summed or averaged data.

    • With the time period of 'weekly', your can display up to 1 year of weekly summed or averaged data.

    • With the time period of 'daily', you can display up to 2 months of daily (actual) non- averaged data.

    If you exceed the 60 bars of data from your choices, the graph will just display the first 60 bars.

    2. Free graphs for all users

    11 Strength Graphs are selected by specific exercise and date range.  You can also see Graphing and Analyzing Your Set Data for more detailed information on the strength graphs and what they mean mathematically.


    Total Sets


     Total Reps


    # Reps per Set

     Cumulative Weight

     Avg Set Weight


    Avg Rep Weight

    Strength Factor


    Exercise Factor


    Max Weight


    Waistline graph


    Hips graph


    Total Volume
    The total time spent on strength training, cardio and other sports.

    Total Distance for Select Cardio

    Nutrition Calories



    3. More Graphs by becoming a Performance Member



    More Strength Graphs




    Total Exercise graph types



    Total Body graph types



    Pie chart types



    LEARN MORE about the the different strength graphs   

    Body Metrics - Here is one of the 11 graph types (does not represent a real person)


    Health Graphs


    The below graph shows possible correlations between your resting heart rate, average overal workouts and average SSSF totals of the 'Sleep/Stress/Soreness/Fatigue' graphs.  This is usually seen with strict logging of 'SSSF' values and using average weekly graphing time periods.  There tends to be too much 'noise' if set to 'daily' time periods.

    In scientific journals, it has been noticed that RHR rises as overall workout and avg SSSF drops.  It can be interpreted as overtraining which can lead to injury and sickness. 



    More Nutrition Graphs



    For 'Nutrients' below, you have the option to graph an additional 80 micronutrients. See more in 'Nutrition Log'


    This first graph below is the 'Total Volume -Tri-Sports Filtered.'  When logging a lot of other sports, the total volume can get skewed as the tri-sports get dwarfed.





     Planned vs Actual training graphs
    If you log your 'planned training', you can graphically see how your actual weightlifting and other sport training compares to your planned training.  7 graphs total.


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