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This is the main feature for serious bodybuilders. Get full access to ALL 39 STRENGTH GRAPHS!
Plan your workouts. Includes all associated calendars, reports and graphs. Printable.
Copy, move, paste and delete single or multiple days. Move around complex set data.
Graphically see how your actual training compares to your training plan. 10 graphs.
Get FULL nutrient breakdown in reports and graphing. Full nutrient report summaries.
Health graphs. Swim, bike and run cardio graphs, more nutrition graphs. 12 graphs total!

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    photo Bulk Modification - Copy/Move/Delete
    How to copy, move and delete your training log data. Tips on how to perform limited customization to your training plans. For Performance Members.

    This function will copy, move or delete an individual day or a range of days in your 'planned' or 'actual' training log.  You will primarily use it to delete individual days of training through your blog view should you have made a mistake or you will find it useful to copy/move/delete a range of data from your 'planned' training.  This is also very useful for copying similiar 'strength training' information week-after-week.  Significant time saving.


    This is a Performance Member feature.


    Where to find the link?










    How to use

    Before starting this, MAKE SURE you are in the appropriate training log...either your 'Actual' or 'Planned' training.


    1.  Click on the link in the screen you are using to open up the following new window:





    2.  Select from the dropdown which of the copy, move or delete functions you want to use.


    3.  Select your dates.

    • Only one day:  The 'From - To' dates should match.

    • A range of days:  Use the mini-calendar to select the appropriate ranges.

    • For the 'Copy' and 'Move' function, select the 'Destination' dates too.

    4. Select the type of data you want to modify. (Swim, Bike, Run, etc.)


    5.  Press 'Go' at the bottom.


    6.  Patience.  This may take several seconds.



    Be careful with this feature as what you do is permanent.  You will note at the top and bottom of the Bulk Modification window which log data you will be modifying-your 'planned' or 'actual' training.  Pay attention.

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    Published: 2006-09-01