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This is the main feature for serious bodybuilders. Get full access to ALL 39 STRENGTH GRAPHS!
Plan your workouts. Includes all associated calendars, reports and graphs. Printable.
Copy, move, paste and delete single or multiple days. Move around complex set data.
Graphically see how your actual training compares to your training plan. 10 graphs.
Get FULL nutrient breakdown in reports and graphing. Full nutrient report summaries.
Health graphs. Swim, bike and run cardio graphs, more nutrition graphs. 12 graphs total!

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    photo Setting Up Your Bodybuilding Training Log
    Configure your control panel, user presets, links to icons and more to get the most out of your bodybuilding log.

    By first registering on the site, you will be able to access the many free online training log features that we offer.  These features include full logging of all exercises, body metrics, health and nutrition data.  You will also have calendar and report access along with several free graphs. Learn more about the log!

    You can also browse my log to use the reports and graphs to see what it looks like.

    Items covered:

    1. Register First...FREE! 
    2. Privacy Settings
    3. Default Views and Presets
    4. Default Unit Setting
    5. Training Week Starts On?
    6. Customizing Your Training Reports
    7. Customizing Your Nutrition Reports
    8. Blog Title
    9. Equipment and Supplement List
    10. My Links
    11. Blog Friends
    12. Personal Best
    13. Short/Long-Term Goals
    14. Export Data to CSV
    1. Register
      Take a few seconds to freely register first at the 'Register' link at the top of the site. 

      Once you have registered and are logged-in, this button will take you to your daily training blog.  The default setting is the blog-view, a daily 7-day display of training data and comments.





      Training Log Control Panel (Picture) GO HERE FIRST!, Click on 'Edit Training Settings'.  There are several important things to configure to get the most our of your log:


    2. Privacy Settings? 
      Your log has three differant privacy settings enabling fully private, semi-private, to fully public. 

      • Public means that anybody can find, read and post in your log.  They can find your log through links in the forum posts you leave, links in your profile, user search, and through the BBL Blogger.
      • Private means that nobody will be able to find your log as these aforementioned links will not be apparent.
      • Semi-Private  Same as 'public' but you will not be updated to the very public BBL Blogger.
    3. Blog Title
      If you want your log updated in the BBL  BLOGGER, input a title here.  See THIS PAGE for more information for blogging on
    4. Configure Default Views and Presets
      When you log-in and go to your training log, would you like to automatically go to your blog or calendar view? You also have the option to go directly to your 'actual' or 'planned' training log.  Example:  You have setup a bodybuilding plan, when you log in do you want to see your plan first, or your real training?


    5. Default Units Presets
      Configure your units to 'metric' or 'english'.  Whatever unit you choose, when you go to log, your pace calculator automatically chooses your default units.  In all of your reports, the distances, pace, week, month and year totals will reflect your default units.  
      If you change your default units at a later date, the change will be applied from that date on.  It will not change the units of all prior data-you will have to manually update them.

    6. Training Week Starts On?
      You will most likely choose Sunday or Monday as the first day of your training week.  Whatever you choose, that day will be the first day for your training calendar and reports.

    7. Customize Your Training Reports
      When you view your 'week', 'month' or 'year' reports, you have the ability to toggle 'on' or 'off' the items that are important to you.

    8. Customizing Your Nutrition Reports (Performance Members)
      When you view your week, month or year reports, you have the ability to toggle 'on' or 'off' from a selection of any nutrient that is logged.  Below is just a small sample.  See complete listing  Free users still will get the standard 'carbs, protien and fat breakdowns in their reports.


    9. Equipment List
      Just text that will fill up the left blog sidebar to give your log some personalization and allow users to see what you use.

    10. Links.
      Input any weblinks that you frequent for easy, daily access.  Note, other members browsing your blog can see use these links if public or semi-private. 
    11. Choose up to 30 friends to monitor their blogs. 
      These people will show up in your blogs left sidebar as text links or pictures.  An EASY way to go directly to the current day of your buddies blog.  If you are on a slow connection, it may be best to de-select the checkbox next to 'Show member's photos in your blog?'

    12. Personal Best
      Configuring your 'Personal Best' area will create a title and link in your blog-view for quick access directly to that day.

    13. Short term/Long term goals
      Text that is displayed at the top of your blog.  Make sure 'Rich Text Editor' is configured in your main 'Control Panel' so that you can use hyperlinks, colors and other cool stuff for your overall comments and short/long-term goals.  See example.
      Note, to only display either the short or long term goals by itself, make sure to eliminate any characters in the 'Rich text editor' for the area you don't want to appear in your log.  Likewise if you would like to save space and eliminate both the short and long-term goals, make sure to eliminate all characters in the box.

    14. Export
      All members can export their 'Actual' training data to a CSV (comma separated value) format where Microsoft Excel supports.  Performance members have the option to export their 'Planned' data.



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    Published: 2006-09-01