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This is the main feature for serious bodybuilders. Get full access to ALL 39 STRENGTH GRAPHS!
Plan your workouts. Includes all associated calendars, reports and graphs. Printable.
Copy, move, paste and delete single or multiple days. Move around complex set data.
Graphically see how your actual training compares to your training plan. 10 graphs.
Get FULL nutrient breakdown in reports and graphing. Full nutrient report summaries.
Health graphs. Swim, bike and run cardio graphs, more nutrition graphs. 12 graphs total!

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    photo Bodybuilding Log: Detailed Feature List
    Bodybuilding logs to help you train, eat and build muscles more effectively. Log your strength workouts, other sports and nutrition all in one place. Includes reports and graphs.

    Items of particular interest:  

    1. Support

    2. Data Integrity & Performance

    3. Easy Registration

    4. Standard Features!

    5. Extra Features!!!



    Main Features

     See some screenshots of's main features.

     A few steps to EASY logging.

    What about support? 

    The training logs come with a growing list of graphic-rich article FAQ's and how-to's. We also have a training log support forum for questions and requests which are checked daily by myself and other members.


    Data Integrity? Performance?

    We have publicly offered the training logs since 2003 on various platforms. No data has ever been lost. We've partnered with one of the largest datacenters in the world. Data integrity is ensured through three levels of redundancy. A RAID mirror on all servers ensures that a drive crash won't bring down the server or lose data. Furthermore, daily backups and weekly offsite backups provide an extra level of safety beyond simple data corruption.


    How do I get one?

    Just register for free on the site using the link HERE. Once you have received your password, the big 'Log' button at the top of the site will take you to your first week in your log. From there, configure your 'training settings' and start logging! It's that easy. START LOGGING TODAY


    See 'Setting Up Your Log' and 'General Logging'.  More log articles in the 'Training Log Category'


    Standard free features

    The following features are standard for all users, click on links for sample pictures in a pop-up window.



    Easy Logging Screen

    Log strength training, cardio, other sports, comments and health items from one convenient screen at one time.

    Nutrition Logging

    Log with over 7,000 foods in our database.  Includes blog, calendar, week, month and year reports with a free caloric-breakdown graph.  Create custom foods and meals. Printable.


    Our Unique 'Strength Matrix'
    This advanced strength logger will allow you to log every weight of every repetition of every set of each exercise.  We currently have over 200 exercises to select from.  Learn more.

    Body Metrics
    Measure and view reports of your body composition over time.  See yourself getting big!  Includes Calendar, Reports and 2 graphs of 'Waist' and 'Hips'.

    Blog View

    Our famous 'Blog' view allowing easy weekly viewing of most logged data.  Members can leave comments.  Month and year totals.  Printable.  Color coded mini-calendar and mini-graph.

    HTML Editor

    For your short/long term goals and daily comments. HTML editor lets you add hyperlinks, colors, fonts, tables, pictures...unlimited personalization to your log.

    Calendar View

    See your training in this convenient, monthly calendar view with weekly and monthly totals.  Printable.

    Health Data

    Log weight, sleep, stress, soreness, fatigue, resting heart-rate, %body fat, overall workout


    Weekly, monthly and year reports of swim/bike/run/strength and sports times/distance.  Included is weekly and monthly totals.  Printable.


    You will have access to '11-Exercise-Specific Bodybuilding Graphs' & 'Total Volume and Distance' for other sports.


    Export 'Actual' Training Data

    You will have the ability via your log control panel to export your log data to a CSV (comma separated value) file.

    XML/RSS Feeds

    We also offer your log in XML data format for parsing by your favorite parser.






    Become a Bronze Performance Member and get access to BodyCHAT!!! PLUS:





    FULL Detailed Strength Graphs
    This is the main feature for serious bodybuilders.  Get full access to ALL 39 STRENGTH GRAPHS!
    See this page to read about all of the graphs.

     FULL Body Metrics Graphs
    Includes all 11 graphs for height, waist, hips, chest, shoulders, forearms, upper arms, calves, neck, thighs and a 'total body' stacker graph.

    Planned Training

    Use the 'planned training' to plan your workouts.  Includes all associated calendars, reports and graphs.




    Analyze Your Training
    Graphically see how your actual training compares to your training plan.  Spot over/under volume/distance trends easily with these 10 graphs.  See example strength, swim and run graphs.

    Bulk Modification

    Copy, move, paste and delete single or multiple days. Makes moving around complex set data of your actual and planned training a breeze.



    Advanced Nutrition

    Get FULL nutrient breakdown in reports and graphing.  Full nutrient report summaries of select time periods.   

    More Interactive Graphs

    4 Health graphs. Swim, bike and run cardio graphs, an avg time, avg distance, avg pace, and 2 more nutrition graphs.  Date-selectable.  See all graphs!




    Export 'Planned' Training Data

    You will have the ability via your log control panel to export your planned log data to a CSV (comma separated value) file.



    Become a Performance Member Today!



    **You will need to have 'Macromedia Flash' installed for the Chat. If you don't - don't worry, it should prompt you. NOTE some networks (work, school) may NOT have Macromedia Flash installed OR they will not allow you the administrative rights to install it...sorry, no other way around it.

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